Youth Volleyball State Championships (7, 8 & 9 grade)
To be eligible to play you MUST complete these 3 steps:
1. Fill out online roster ASAP by using the link above. (Team Roster Link)
If all players attend the same school, you will only need to provide player’s names, school, and grade.
(If player does not attend school within the same school district, be prepared to verify player’s home address)
-when filling out your roster, it will ask you to “create/join a team”.
Please “create a team” and give it the same “team name” as on your registration form (you can find this again in your confirmation email).
You will only need to fill out one roster per season. If you need to add players, please contact the office no later than Friday, 4:00 pm preceding the tournament by emailing, to check eligibility and update your roster.
2. Print off your online roster and turn in at the tournament(s) when you check in.
3. Have players fill out online waiver form.
Waivers must be filled out online by Wednesday prior to the tournament by a parent/guardian for all players before teams can play.
Please direct parents/guardians to the "Individual Player Waiver Link" on the MN Championship Volleyball page to complete the player waiver form.
(Please provide all players with the “team name” that you created when registering.)
The roster/waiver links can also be found on the Volleyball Register page.