Pacesetter Sports began in 1980 by offering eight high-quality, low-cost basketball camps to 400 campers by sending top coaches directly to the host schools.


Pacesetter Volleyball Camps were added in 1986 and soon Pacesetter was offering over 100 area camps to over 5,000 young people each summer.


Pacesetter also began hosting regional summer basketball tournaments for varsity players and now hosts two major varsity basketball tournaments, the Minnesota Invitational Tournament and Minnesota's most prestigious summer tournament, The Sweet Sixteen.


The Pacesetter Minnesota Youth State Basketball Tournament for grades 5-9 was added in 1993 and annually fields over 600 teams.


Pacesetter Sports added Minnesota Basketball News as a monthly newsmagazine for Minnesota’s coaches, players and fans in 1994.


Pacesetter added residential intensive training basketball camps in 2008 by offering 3-day, 26-hour Pacesetter Shooting Camps, Pacesetter Championship Basketball Camps, and “Best of Pacesetter” Basketball Camps.


In 2010 Pacesetter added youth basketball state championships for grades 5-9 in Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota with the top two teams from each state invited to play in the Great Four-State Championships at the Target Center in Minneapolis.


Minnesota Basketball News was changed to a weekly newsmagazine.


Pacesetter added regional playoffs: EAST-WEST in North Dakota and South Dakota and NORTH-SOUTH in Iowa with the playoff system adding 4th grade teams. Pacesetter also added monthly newsmagazines for North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.


Pacesetter added Nebraska to the area of volleyball camps by offering the first Pacesetter camp in Nebraska in the summer of 2017.


Pacesetter invited Wisconsin youth basketball teams in grades 4-9 to enter the Pacesetter Playoffs leading to the Pacesetter Great Five-State Championships at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Background of Pacesetter

Pacesetter Director Jeff McCarron was a member of Minnesota's final one-class state high school champion at Sherburn in 1970 and the Minnesota Gopher Big Ten Champions in 1972.

McCarron received his early camp mentoring from John Thomas, his college coach at Augustana and an ex-Boston Celtic, through four years of teaching and directing summer basketball camps from 1976-1979.

The current Pacesetter "Fundamentals for Champions" basketball camp program is a compilation of teachings and experiences from championship basketball teams and coaches at all three levels: high school (MN State Champions), college (Big Ten Champions), and professional (NBA Champions) levels.

Since 1980 Pacesetter has sought top high school and college coaches to direct summer camps for both volleyball and basketball, and hundreds of the Midwest's finest coaches have stepped forward to share their knowledge with young athletes.

Pacesetter Sports will continue to seek ways to provide basketball and volleyball programs to benefit young athletes, parents, coaches and fans.