Area Volleyball Camps

Pacesetter offered over 30 volleyball camps in 2017. Pacesetter will be offering a series of area day camps throughout Minnesota-Iowa-North Dakota-South Dakota, Nebraska and Wisconsin in 2018. We have been offering day camps since 1980. Camps range from 1.5 hours to 6 hours per day with fees from $55-$150.

The Pacesetter "Formula for Success"
1) Top Coaches
-Master Coaches: Coaches who love to teach and have shown exceptional ability in relating the most important fundamentals for volleyball success.
-Championship Coaches: Coaches who have won championships as a coach or player and have an intense motivation to share their secrets for success with players.
-Young Guns: Young coaches who have had early success as a player or coach and have demonstrated great enthusiasm and insight.
2) Strong Fundamental Teaching - Through 34 years Pacesetter has provided top coaches who teach the most important skills for games success at every age.
3) Low Costs - Pacesetter continues to keep fees at very affordable levels for the high quality of the program.
4) Low Ratios - Pacesetter averages one coach for every 9-10 players and tries not to exceed 15-1 for any session.

2018 Pacesetter Area Volleyball Camps will be added to the Event Calendar and Register page as camps are scheduled.