Area Volleyball Camps

Pacesetter offered over 30 volleyball camps in 2018. Pacesetter will be offering a series of area day camps throughout Minnesota-Iowa-North Dakota-South Dakota, Nebraska and Wisconsin in 2019. We have been offering day camps since 1980. Camps range from 1.5 hours to 6 hours per day with fees from $55-$150.

The Pacesetter "Formula for Success"
1) Top Coaches
-Master Coaches: Coaches who love to teach and have shown exceptional ability in relating the most important fundamentals for volleyball success.
-Championship Coaches: Coaches who have won championships as a coach or player and have an intense motivation to share their secrets for success with players.
-Young Guns: Young coaches who have had early success as a player or coach and have demonstrated great enthusiasm and insight.
2) Strong Fundamental Teaching - Through 35 years Pacesetter has provided top coaches who teach the most important skills for games success at every age.
3) Low Costs - Pacesetter continues to keep fees at very affordable levels for the high quality of the program.
4) Low Ratios - Pacesetter averages one coach for every 9-10 players and tries not to exceed 15-1 for any session.

2019 Pacesetter Area Volleyball Camps will be added to the Event Calendar and Register page as camps are scheduled.

We are celebrating our 40th season this year, providing high quality, low-cost camps! Contact us today to set up a great summer camp in your gym.

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